Notitiae 1/2014

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Jesus Christ – a model for teacher
Gabriela Genčúrová

Donation of property in Leles, Veľké Kapušany, Vysoká n/Uhom and Kráľovský Chlmec by Boleslaw, bishop of Vacov to the Premonstratensians
Daniel Boleš

Jesuit missionary activities in Humenné in selected aristocratic lordships in 1615 – 1618
Štefan Lenčiš

Cholera epidemic in 1831 in the Greek-Catholic´s parishes of the dean's office of Laborec, eparchy of Prešov in terms of the church registers
Anton Liška

St. Vincent de Paul – formator of the diocesan clerics
Emil Hoffmann

The teaching of Religious in elementary schools during the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918 – 1939)
Gabriela Sabová

Some notes about the activities of Presov Bishop Paul Peter Gojdič, OSBM in favor of the Jewish population in Slovakia
Peter Borza

Place of religious orders in communist Czechoslovakia and their situation in 1950 on the example of Institutum Beatae Marie Virginis in diocese of Košice
Tatiana Janočková

John Paul II and his pontificate from the point of view of care of the sick and suffering people
Marek Krupský

University pastoral center of Dr. Stephen Hesek in Prešov in 2002-2007
Ján Knapík

The charter of King Belo IV. in the matter of donating rights of patronage over Premonstratensian monastery in Leles from 1252
Konštantín Daniel Boleš

Commemoration of papal visit: Commemorative plaque and statue of John Paul II
Tomáš Filip