Notitiae 2/2015

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The letter of Andrew II from 1214 associated with the territory dispute of the leles provostry and the owners of Kapona (1342 – 1343)
Konštantín Daniel Boleš

Devotion to the Virgin Mary in the history and present of the kosice archdiocese
Peter Sedlák

Priests of the kosice archdiocese operating in mission
Cyril Hišem

Mission encyclicals before II. Vatican council
Štefan Lenčiš

Peace messages of pope Pius XII in 1939 – 1945
Marek Krupský

The establishment of the Central Karita in Slovakia and the first years of its activities
Milan Molokáč

Missionary decree Ad gentes of the II. Vatican council
Jozef Jurko

Second vatican council and canon law genesis of the Codex creation in 1983
Juraj Jurica

Tribute to the saints, missionaries
Mária Spoločníková

Charter of Belo IV. from 1247 adressed to cistercians confirming their property rights
Konštantín Daniel Boleš