Notitiae 1/2012

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Relationship between auctoritas and development of human society (progressio)
Konštantín Daniel Boleš

Genesis of the current time – the pheonomenon of time under scrutiny piecemeal history of philosophy
Ján Mičko

The implementation of the conclusions made by the second vatican council by south bohemian
bishop Josef Hlouch

Martin Weis

Theodoret of Cyrus – the prominent figure of eastern church in the fifth century
Wioleta Marchewka

The message of saint theodosius the abbot of the caves monastery on christian and latin faith
Angelus Štefan Kuruc

Confessional aspects of ethnic conflicts associated with the Ruthenians in Slovakia in 1918-1939
Peter Borza

Spiritual formation and education of future priests in the south bohemian diocese in the 1ST half of the 19TH century
Rudolf Svoboda

Administration of Diocese of Košice in the 60s of the 20th century
Tomáš Filip

Pastoral care of pope Pius XII. of world mission in the encyclical evangelii præcones
Štefan Lenčiš

Printed sources of the parochial organisation of archdiocese of esztergom 1000 – 1919
II. calendars and schematisms

Albert Ivan Petreje

The Episcopal Library in Kosice –- history, present and future
Andrea Cibuláková

Extract and translation of a text in literary form of curial latin nglický preklad názvu
Jozef Pira

Theological and iconographic conception of the main (westwern) portal of the franciscan church
in Košice

Miroslava Fuhrman Maretta