Notitiae 2/2014

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Theology of the ancient christian education
Gabriela Genčúrová

Some aspects of the cyrillo-methodian message and its reception in the Nothern Italy ambience
Natália Rusnáková

Non-proportional moving of the cuttings in the territory of comitatus Saris in the 13th century
Konštantín Daniel Boleš

Jozef Malo and his Brevis Notitia Circariae Hungaricae
Angelus Štefan Kuruc

Ethnological analysis of selected pilgrimage site in Slovakia
Zuzana Andrejová

Religious and Social Life in the Diocese of České Budějovice at the time of the Episcopate of Arnošt Konstantin Růžička (1815 – 1845)
Rudolf Svoboda

The Educational Thought of Jan Valerián Jirsík, Bishop of České Budějovice, in the First Years of His Episcopate (1851 – 1855)
Rudolf Svoboda, Soňa Kamenová

Religious societies in Poľov
Lenka Straková

Communists and Polish Scouting Association in Kraków voivodeship in the years 1945 – 1948
Grzegorz Baziur

The Czechoslovak Communist Regime’s Effort to Subvert the Catholic Church
Martin Weis

Donation charter of King Ondrej II. for brothers of Holy Sepulchre from 1212
Konštantín Daniel Boleš

Masterpieces fruits of the human spirit and the Gothic Pieta from Lipany
Mária Spoločníková