Notitiae 2/2012

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Some words on the relations of Hungarian Premonstratensians to Prémontré until 1526
Angelus Štefan Kuruc

Jesuit mission in Uzhgorod in the years 1615 – 1618 according to archive documents
Štefan Lenčiš

Historical and legal overview of marriage conclusion
Jana Mitrová

Youth of Cardinal Friedrich Schwarzenberg
Martin Grones

Bishop Martin Josef Říha from Budweis - reflections on his thoughts and work in his pastoral letters and reports concerning the state of his diocese of Budweis
Ivo Prokop

Primate of the Millennium – A Cardinal – A Servant of God, Stefan Wyszyński
Jozef Jurko

Organisational structure of the Diocese of Presov in 1939 – 1945
Peter Borza

The parish of Poľov in 1920 – 1925
Lenka Lapošová

The involvement of youth in the Catholic associations on the territory of Slovakia
in the years 1938 – 1989

Lucia Babjaková Gállová

The letter of appointment for the priest Hyppolit – queen’s chaplain – to the post of plebanus in Veľký Šariš from 1262
Konštantín Daniel Boleš

Virgin dolorosa from an unknown gothic master in The St. Elisabeth cathedral in Košice
Mária Spoločníková