Notitiae 1/2015

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Ancient heretical movements in the Church history
Miroslav Strakoš

Didactic sources of christian education in the first period of the christian ancient era
Gabriela Genčúrová

Double canonries in premonstratensian order
Angelus Štefan Kuruc

Letter of Andrew II from 1214 in the light of law dispute of leles provostry and the nobles from Pavlovce about possessions Kralovsky Chlmec and Maly Hores
Konštantín Daniel Boleš

Inventories of the parish of Stará Ľubovňa in the 17th century
Peter Žarnovský

Existence of places of pilgrimage in the Zemplin county in the mid-18th century
Štefan Lenčiš

John Špavelko and Henrik Ľ. Náhlik, significant priests working in the diocesis of Košice in the 19th century
Peter Sedlák

Activities of the Central Karita in Slovakia and publishing of the journal Dobročin in the
post-war period

Milan Molokáč

Ján Hirka – the eparch of greekcatholic church in Prešov in selected documents of the state security
Tatiana Janočková

Summary of the research, content and name of the Gothic artifact "Throne of grace" in the year of Mercy
Mária Spoločníková

Charter of Canad canonry confirming the sale of Kendice in 1322
Konštantín Daniel Boleš, Lenka Straková